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WASC Locker
4/14/17 7:54 PM
4/14/17 7:42 PM

2016-17 MCHS Staff


Ms. B. Washington

Mr. T. Mudd
Ms. J. Duke
Ms. A. Ross


Classified Staff

Ms. C. Johnson

Ms. B. Frost
Ms. G. Caro
Mrs. A. Barbero

Ms. M. Moreland


Certificated Staff

Mr. W. Murray

Mr. L. Strauss

Ms. C. Gonzalez

Mrs. S. Robert

Ms. McNeil

Mrs. B. Reaves

Mr. W. Smith

Mr. J. Dixon

Mrs. J. Cheng

Dr. G. Kagel

Dr. Kelbisow

Ms. D. Harary

Mr. L. Wylie

Mr. H. Cheng

Mr. J. Beilock

Mr. J. McElroy

Mid-cycle review 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 7.35.50 PM

Table of Contents

  1. I:  Student/Community Profile Data


  3. II:  Significant Changes and Developments


  5. III: Ongoing School Improvement
  7. IV: Progress on Critical Areas for Follow-up/Schoolwide Action Plan
  9. V: Schoolwide Action Plan Refinements
  11. School-wide Action Plan (revised, December 2016)